Kate Cullen brand stylist and natural dyer

About kate

The Artist

I love nothing more than playing with flowers and plants, I love the alchemy of producing pigments and dyes, inks and papers.

From the depths of the dye pot and all its wonder, I create beautiful things that can last a lifetime. 

My Story

How I Got Started

My journey to my current business is a rather convoluted one, and I certainly never thought about this being a career path sitting in those terrible ‘career choice’ sessions at school. I always wanted to be an archaeologist – there was something about the history, the thought of being the first person to see someone’s possessions for hundreds, or even thousands of years. I love the outdoors, the feel of the sun, wind and rain on my face – that connection with the wild. But ultimately, what it came down to was stories, that longing for a connection with those that have gone before.

And so I was lucky enough to pursue my passion and became a field archaeologist for many years, until the birth of my gorgeous daughter when I moved into a desk-based role. Around that time I started up my first wedding industry business with a friend, hiring vintage props, crockery and glassware, and generally getting to grips with the ‘wedding industry’!

I quickly began getting much more involved, enjoying styling out the tablescapes and corners of the venues, until eventually I decided that this was where my heart lay – in the design and creative side. Simultaneously I began making my own hand dyed silk ribbons and linens, adding a further dimension to my styling services.

But I still felt that pull to the outdoors and nature (I’m definitely a frustrated florist/grower), and almost inevitably began to unconsciously move my business direction that way – teaching myself about natural dyes (falling in hedges and gathering berries a lot!), and most recently the art of paper and ink-making (whilst giving myself an excuse to add more books to my ever-growing collection).

I still feel that need to connect stories and reflect on lives lived, ancient methods of dyeing, and so I can’t give up that search for the perfect styling treasure, although now my husband will be pleased to know I am passing them on for other people to enjoy rather than hoarding an ever-growing collection!

So that’s me – a lover of ancient things and stories, flat lays, colour, textiles, paper and all things wild from nature. I hope I will be able to help you in your own business, be it with a perfect little antique treasure, length of silky ribbon, or a piece of lovingly made paper – or perhaps even the chance to work with you on your brand to showcase your talents.

Do get in touch – an email is fine, but I do love to connect in person on the phone too – all the details below.

Kate Cullen natural dyer and brand stylist

All photography by Georgina Harrison of Visual Brand Boutique

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