Allotment 17: Day 1

This week we were thrilled to discover after several months on the waiting list that we finally have our allotment! After successfully growing some of our own vegetables and fruit in our garden we wanted to expand our produce and grow more of our own cut flowers and dye plants too. We receive an amazing veg box each week from Adeline’s amazing community project, so we will be focusing on growing fruits for eating, and I want to trial more unusual dye plants for my silks too. I adore cut flowers so these will be also be a focus of our planting, and my daughter is passionate about protecting bees and providing the flowers they need to survive. So our little allotment will be quite eclectic, and we will no doubt have an enormous learning curve to experience as we embark on our first year!

Clearing & Planning

We measured up the site over the weekend and have made a rough plan of where the beds will go, plus a shortlist of our favoured fruit and flowers (we are lucky enough to already have three apple trees on the site). The first big job we have is to clear the site. The allotment has been a little neglected so there is quite a lot of making good of the ground before we can properly begin planting. We will be using a collection of small raised beds alongside our latest gardening obsession – that of the ‘no dig’ method by Charles Dowding (we are avid watchers of his Youtube channel!).

I’ll be back here on the blog soon to show you our progress!

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