Curated By Heart

The Curated by Heart online course explores what you want from your creative wedding business and how to devise stories and styled shoots that resonate with your creative passions. We look at colour, mood boards, and story-telling through a series of insightful and engaging assignments. We then move to look at the practicalities and Kate gives you insights into how to get published in the outlets that will work for you and gain you the clients you want to work with.


The work is carried out at your own pace through video tutorials, written assignments, creative tasks and through the dedicated Facebook Group where you can join the Curated by Heart community for further support and accountability to keep you on track and focused.

This course is for you if you are:

  • Struggling to stand out with your styled shoot designs and written narratives
  • Want to delve deeper than just aesthetics but don’t know how to start
  • Want to get published more on the blogs and in magazines that speak to you
  • Want to put more heart and soul in your styled shoot work
  • Frustrated with ‘cookie cutter’ shoots that leave you wanting
  • Finding it hard to be original
  • Overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing
  • Stuck in a comparison cycle and struggling to free your own thoughts and ideas and produce the work you really want to do


The free content covers brand identity, facing your fears and how I approach creating styled shoot stories that get seen, get published AND leave me creatively fulfilled.

You’ll also receive a free in depth checklist for planning or taking part in styled shoots.

I’ll lead you through my own processes of creating projects that satisfy my soul, but also work for me to attract clients and collaborative projects that I only dreamt of a few years ago. With successful businesses in hire, styling and silk ribbons, as well as over 60 published shoots to my name, from Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding, to BLOVED, Perfect Wedding Magazine and many more, I’ll share the things I’ve learnt – my mistakes and my triumphs, to help you on your own creative journey.

The course is for anyone who wants to start their own creative wedding business, or needs a little direction to bring their business ideas to life in a coherent and successful way. Previous students have included photographers, planners, stylists and florists.


From Inky Horton of Inky & Grace and Flores Poetique

“A baptism of fire with my first photoshoot left me flattened, so many ideas but the process had been awful. Much was right but the soul and execution of it wasn’t where it should be. I knew that something had to change if I was going to do more shoots – bust or find a better way. Being honest it was I nearer giving up when up popped Kate’s ‘Curated by Heart’ course.

Beautifully welcoming and self paced, it was inspiring from the beginning. Each step building towards the next bit by bit. An invitation to explore ideas creatively, whether impulsive or vague notions giving them freedom to grow. Encouraged to delve deep and follow my own lights it gave me back trust in what I was doing. The course guided into developing ideas into clear proposals for suppliers that I wanted to bring together as a team. I found myself really enjoying the anticipation of it all.

Even before the shoot positive feedback was coming in from being professional to suppliers feeling trusted in what they brought to the party. As the team were all trusted for their creativity and skills we could all relax. One remarked in all the years of being sent proposals she’d never received one without images of other people’s products in. It’s what made her say yes. As a florist I know what that feels like – a bit of a sinking feeling! Shoots ought to be about what we are inspired to do , not what we can copy and I wanted Suppliers to bring their magic.

The shoot was fun and with the the template the course had me put together ensured I was able to guide us all through with confidence and then after to submission.

No shoot process is ever straightforward. We shouldn’t even imagine that we have to deliver things perfectly, just with soul. (It’s too easy to beat ourselves up and this is about a celebration of what we do not a punishment!) The confidence I gained meant challenges were embraced, from the heart and that’s what this course has written through every line.  Thank you Kate from one heart to another for the confidence to grow.”

Course Study Requirements

  • Laptop / Computer
  • Email Account
  • Printer
  • Internet Connection
  • Facebook Account
  • Pinterest Account

Every student is different, but I suggest that the course will take a minimum of 6 weeks to complete, working on an average of 2 hours a week.

It is an in depth and detailed set of lessons with a high practical element – the majority of the lessons have either an assignment to carry out, or an ‘Accountability Action’ where you present your work to the dedicated student Facebook Group. These actions minimise the likelihood of you not completing the course and are a way of networking with your fellow wedding industry students.

Course Information

Estimated Time: At student's own pace


  • Enrollment in this course closed on 04/04/2021.

What Others Have Said

By Katie, Planner at Songbird Weddings
By: Katie Slater

Kate, thank you for sharing with us such a well constructed, well articulated and insightful course. I thought I was the only one left who still loves a physical moodpboard but seeing the important role they play in your process has filled me with joy. You gave so many great tips and suggestions of resources which I was unaware of. A fantastic course, thank you. Katie

Curated by Heart
By: susanstudd

I am loving this course. It has opened up a whole new world to my way of thinking. I love the fact that the steps are easy once you have really thought about the points that are given to you. I loved the story telling part as it makes you really focus on what you have to use the words that you have come up with on the previous exercise. I can’t wait to do the physical mood board,. I got confused with a lot of the technical wording for IT and am not looking forward to using Pinterest at all. I love creating with my own models etc. However although I have not completed the course I have loved and already learnt a lot from what I have completed. Kate is extremely supportive, how she does everything I don’t know but she helps tremendously. Looking forward to doing the rest of the course knowing there is someone there if I get really stuck. Thanks Kate x

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