“Having never taken part in a mentoring program before, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as Kate and I had our first meeting, it was evident that she has incredible knowledge, insight and wealth of experience in the wedding industry, she is so open and is happy to share anything that she believes might be relevant and might be useful in elevating your business. Kate has experience in all aspects of the industry, from creating content for social media, website building, mailing lists and marketing to styling and photography. She will make you understand your business better than you ever have before. She actively listens to the story of a small business and with some sort of magic, she seems to break everything down into manageable chunks. I knew that if I was struggling at any time, she would be there for me with anything I needed. If you want to take the next steps to make your business grow and to work more efficiently, Kate will break down the chaotic and sometimes random lists of things to do and streamline them into something totally achievable. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. Thanks so much for everything Kate.”

Celia, Pen & Fold

“Kate has been a fantastic business mentor to me over the last three months. I have never done so much marketing! She always gives me innovative ideas that are industry relevant and interesting. My social engagement on Pinterest has gone up dramatically. I am so motivated each week and have been incredibly productive. So nice to work with someone so down to earth and lovely too!.”

Paula, Lilac and White

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