Curated by Heart – The Workshop

Finding the poetry in your brand

a one day workshop with Kate Cullen in the heart of the Cotswolds

exploring design, styling, colour, visual and written narratives

for wedding and artisan brands

we’ll look at why, where, when and who

weaving the details together to create a rich tapestry of soulful beauty

12 Sep ’18

Just 6 places available

Learn more about the workshop purpose and content in my videos below.

I detail my struggles and how my experiences can help you take a faster route to success with purposeful styled shoots and brand imagery.


Arrive 10am Get to know each other over a coffee and a slice of cake.

10.30am Colour choices, explore what this says about you and your brand.

11.30am Finding sources of creative inspiration.

12pm How we create our shoot stories. Delving deeper, beyond the ‘pretty’.

1pm Lunch

1.45pm Physical mood boards. Discussion followed by practical mixed media collage.

3pm Weaving the visual and written narratives together. Writing our story/blog submission texts – using it to connect with clients.

4-5pm Sharing our stories over afternoon tea.

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