Curated by Heart – The Workshop

Finding the poetry in your brand

a one or two day workshop with Kate Cullen

exploring design, styling, colour, visual and written narratives

for wedding and artisan brands

we’ll look at why, where, when and who

weaving the details together to create a rich tapestry of soulful beauty

Tickets for January workshop now open

January 16-17th, 2019

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Volume 1 contains a taster of the content of the Curated by Heart one-day workshop.

It covers brand identity, facing your fears and how I approach creating styled shoot stories that get seen, get published AND leave me creatively fulfilled.

September’s Workshop Gallery


DAY 1 

Identifying what we truly want for ourselves and our businesses. Finding sources of creative inspiration for our storytelling, creating compelling narratives visually and through the written word.

Colour choices, explore what this says about you and your brand and how to utilise it for your styled shoots.

How we create our shoot stories. Delving deeper, beyond the ‘pretty’.

Physical mood boards based on a worksheet you will be given to complete ahead of the workshop. Discussion followed by practical mixed media collage.

Weaving the visual and written narratives together. Writing our story/blog submission texts – using it to connect with clients.

Practicalities of shoot organisation and submission and making the most out of the imagery.


DAY 2 

Using our stories and mood boards to create beautiful tablescapes and flay lays – those not attending Day 1 will be given a worksheet to prepare.

Working with Kate and florist Sarah at Floribunda Rose we will explore ways of creating tablescapes and flat lays that mirror your concept designs and own styling.

Sarah will create elements that you can use, together with a beautiful array of props from Kate’s own cupboards, that we then will assist you in designing your own tablescapes that fit your overall styled shoot designs and shoot stories.

We will will help you find the essence of good designs for your work – ways to find your own style and step away from Pinterest to create unique beauty that satisfies you creatively, bringing you the clients you want, and that gets published.

The two days can be booked together as one workshop, or individually dependent on your needs – every element is uniquely personalised so that you can truly find your own visual voice.

After the Workshop

After the workshop Kate supports through through her exclusive Curated By Heart Facebook Group, encouraging you to complete the next steps on your brand’s journey and into a new way of working. The Facebook Group also contains past workshop attendees and the community is there to help and support each other going forward.

I recently attended your ‘Curated by heart workshop’ and felt compelled to express what a lovely time I had. You managed to create a comfortable creative environment which supplied me with valuable information but that also left me feeling totally inspired! I loved it!


Floral Designer, Acacia Floristry

It was obvious to see that Kate had put lots of thought and effort into the workshop making as much as possible personal to the individual. I think it really made everyone feel very welcomed and valued on the day.  Kate is very open and giving, she shared so much of her knowledge and experience with the group. When I left the workshop I felt I had been give an array of tools that I could go away and use time and time again. It also got me thinking about my branding and the direction I wanted to move my business in. Thank you so much Kate. It was so lovely to finally meet you in person.


Photographer, Ferri Photography

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