Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

If you’re anything like me then you have just as much fun and excitement around the Christmas gift wrapping part of the festive season as you do about the actual receiving of presents. Every year I try to think of a colour scheme for my present wrapping, as well as sustainable and reusable decoration that is eco-friendly, but yet looks luxurious and inviting to open.

Dark olive green silk ribbon

Sitting down with a glass of mulled wine, some carols on the radio and a pile of presents to wrap whilst everyone else has gone to bed of an evening is undoubtedly one of my guilty pleasures of the Christmas period. So I thought I’d share with you what my gifting will look like this year and how you can easily achieve the same.

Pressed flower Christmas wrapping ideas

Dried Flowers

I’ve had a passion for dried flowers long before it became a trend this year (well I am a child of the ’70s after all!). Throughout the year I have been using my grandmother’s wonderful old flower press on as many flowers as I could. You’ve still got time before Christmas to get some made too – I find a couple of weeks in the press and most flowers, grasses or seed heads come out just beautifully. It’s a great way to make the most of any flowers you’ve been given or grown yourself.

This year I have been focusing on greens and golds, but any colours you have in mind for your festive palette will work just as well.

Pressed dried seed heads for Christmas wrapping

Wax Seals

My love affair with wax seals continues, and I’ve found they are a great way to attach my pressed seed heads and flowers to handmade paper envelopes for gift vouchers, or to brown paper, or even here to my wallpaper samples that I have re-purposed as wrapping paper. I’ve used a family seal (my maiden name was Thorne, and this is a rose which I rather liked, and felt was a lovely extra touch for family gifts). But you can purchase seals from a great many places and reuse them year after year. You can buy traditional sealing wax or even peel and stick versions. The greener choice is to use wax that does not include turpentine or shellac.

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas by Kate Cullen

Silk Ribbons & Bags

Now of course because of what I do no gift would be complete without a luxurious big silk ribbon bow, or for smaller gifts a beautiful little silk bag. Naturally dyed using plant materials, and using dye stuffs that have longevity (many plants give fugitive dyes so are not always suitable for dyeing ribbons that you might want to use again or become heirloom items). I’m in love with this dark olive green at the moment, but again any colour palette you have chosen will always look good with a contrasting silk ribbon to set it off don’t you think? The advantage of the bags is that not only are they a gift in themselves (perfect for storing valuable or delicate items like jewellery), they can also be reused for birthdays or Christmas the following year.

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas by Kate Cullen

I hope you have enjoyed getting some inspiration for your eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping this year, and don’t forget if you’re looking for some antique gifts, striking silk ribbon, silk bags or even the perfect antique ring box, then do have a browse around my shop for some perfect finishing touches. Happy Christmas!


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