My Handmade Paper Making Journey

As I’m sure you know I use plant dyes to make my silk ribbons and fabrics. For some time I have been thinking of ways I can reuse the leftover materials (all the grungy twiggy bits and residue dyes), and then I came across a great book on handmade paper, read that (then three more!), then watched endless videos on people making stunning papers – wondering if I could ever make something so incredible. So over the last few months I have been learning and practising, using my plant stuffs and dyes, waste office paper and cotton rag to make my own papers.

handmade paper by Kate Cullen

I’m still very much at the start of my paper-making journey – I throw away (or should I say tear up and reuse!) half what I make because I’m not 100% happy with it. There are so many things that can go wrong – too much water, not enough water, pulp hasn’t blended enough, I haven’t pressed the sheets enough – I could go on and on! But it’s safe to say, I am hooked, and I shall be making this more of a central part of my business as time goes on (and as I hopefully improve my craft).

Botanically dyed handmade paper

I’m thrilled to bring you some limited run beautiful and unique papers, perfect for watercolour, crafting and pencil/charcoal work. I’m also in the process of trialling sized paper for all you calligraphers out there, as well as some botanical inks which I hope to launch soon.

Please do keep up with my journey here, and over on Instagram where I’ll be giving you some further insights into the processes – paper making has become my art and my therapy through a tough few weeks and I’d love to share my progress with you.

I will be restocking my paper department soon (after the first batches sold out in under 24hrs!).

Photography: Bowtie & Belle Photography

More inspiration for handmade paper and how it can inspire your wedding stationery can be found on my Pinterest board here!


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