Introducing the Patina Collection – new hand dyed silk ribbons

Today I’m excited (and a little nervous) to introduce a new concept range of hand dyed silk ribbons. I have been developing these for some time, trying to get the patina look I wanted just right. As many of you know I was an archaeologist in a former career, and have been fascinated by the passage of time ever since I was very small.

I adore the rich patinas objects and surfaces accrue over time and I wanted to represent these in my new collection of ribbons. These ones feel particularly personal, like small works of art, a little insight into the things that really make me, me.


These bright greens and yellows are abundant in the arboretum near where I live, and I just love the colours and textures the different plants exude.


The rich oranges and browns can seem quite autumnal, and I as accustomed to retrieving many ancient (and some not so ancient!) iron objects out of the ground. Some so corroded only an x-ray revealed what lied beneath the rust.


I actually prefer the vibrant turquoises and blues against the warm rosy copper shades than just the copper on its own. Somehow the passage of time gives an object life, a sense of history even just from its appearance, you need know nothing of its past in some ways to appreciate it.

Patina can come to appreciated for its beauty in the same way the original object was – that circle really resonates with me – the beauty within and without. The original object still hidden beneath, with its own story hinted at in the rust or verdigris. I like to wonder at the stories objects could tell….

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