New plant dyed silk ribbons – the Cottage Garden Collection

I’m thrilled to bring you a new range of hand dyed silk ribbon colours this week. Delicate shades of lilac, lavender, mauve, pinks and blue all made from natural botanical dyes – and all reminiscent of my Grandmother’s garden when I was growing up.

She even allowed us (myself and my two sisters) a small square of garden each to plant and tend our own flowers, and these colours remind me so much of the ones she helped us choose – from lobelia, pinks and nasturtiums, to allysum, lavender and sweet peas. I’m not sure my gardening skills were very developed at this stage (I mostly remember just pouring water onto the earth until we had a lovely muddy patch to squelch our toes in!), but the colours are still vivid in my mind and were a great source of inspiration for this collection.

Organic Peace Silk

This collection also features for the first time some organic peace silk – Soil Association approved, as well as being made from silks in the UK where the silk worms haven’t been harmed (like in traditional silks). Some vegans even feel happy wearing or using this silk, and I like to offer something for those of you who enjoy my bamboo silks a more traditional silk feel without the negative connotations of the manufacturing process. Do let me know your thoughts on this – I would love to enhance my organic peace silk range if there is demand for it.

Organic peace silk ribbon made in the UK and dyed using plant dyes

I love creating new colours so if there are any shades you’re just waiting for me to show you then do get in touch – with Spring and Summer on the way I will be making some Limited Edition bundles too.

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