Creativity Journal


Creativity Journal

An artist’s quality journal with weekly prompts to help keep you inspired. 52 prompts on luxury paper bound in a beautifully designed cover.

Nurturing your creativity is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your business, and we believe one of the ways to help you do that is by keeping a regular art journal. It can be a spring board for creating new projects, a way of working through responses to your feelings, and a way of setting aside a peaceful, contemplative time that will keep you inspired. If you already keep a mindfulness or gratitude journal then it will form a beautiful compliment to this aspect of your life.

It doesn’t have to be every day and can take many forms. We’ve provided you with weekly prompts that you might find helpful throughout the year. Some are specific, others can be interpreted in whatever way you see fit. Some you may just prompt you to write words or quotes to build a written rather than visual narrative, others to paint, draw, photograph, sketch or collage. Some may be fully-formed finished pieces of artwork, others just quick doodles or notes to look back over at later date.

The important thing to remember is that is no wrong entry in your journal – it is safe place to realise new dreams, thoughts and ideas; to make sense of those flashes of inspiration that make your work unique.

A4 | 60 pages

Design: Laura E Patrick | Author: Kate Cullen


Creativity Journal

A beautifully designed A4 artists journal with prompts, one for each week of the year.

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